Adam Irino

Adam Irino, 30, of the YouTube Channel Die Hard Fishing, Lands a Bluefin Tuna

Adam Irino of YouTube channel Die Hard Fishing is no stranger to being on the water. A kayak angler who has experienced multiple high-profile boating accidents over his three year kayak fishing career, but continues to fish regardless.

Irino and his friends were floating off of San Francisco when they began catching fish – including an impressive bluefin tuna!

Early Life and Education

Adam Irino of Die Hard Fishing on YouTube has been fishing all his life. Born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, Adam has been producing fishing content for more than 10 years and amassed an audience of more than 200,000 viewers on his channel.

On August 31, 2019 Irino and several friends launched their kayaks from Rockaway Beach a few miles south of San Francisco. They soon found themselves following a pod of Pacific gray whales to schools of anchovies – perfect baitfish! Snagging one or two to load into their boats before embarking on their voyage out into sea.

Visibility on the water may be reduced by fog, glare, low sun or (in this instance) by being struck by an oncoming boat which ran him over.

Professional Career

Adam Irino of San Jose, California recently caught an impressive bluefin tuna off of San Francisco’s coast that measured more than five feet long and weighed over 200 pounds. Irino documented his catch via YouTube channel Die Hard Fishing.

Irino and his friends set off from San Francisco coast with plans of fishing for sea bass with swimbaits he cast from a boat. However, things quickly take an unpleasant turn as things quickly go south.

At Dance Theater Workshop, New York Live Arts, The Juilliard School and Theatre Usine C in Montreal. He also performed extensively as a dancer in Jiri Kylian’s, Ohad Naharin’s and Susan Marshall’s companies.

Personal Life

Adam Irino is a 30-year-old from San Jose, California, who creates fishing content on YouTube channel Die Hard Fishing. Recently he captured one of his most epic fishing experiences ever–catching an enormous bluefin tuna!

His and his friends were floating off of California when they came upon a large school of bluefin tuna, casting swimbaits for sea bass until when the school moved on, switching over to trolling for salmon which eventually caused problems.

As they were trolling, a boat came flying by them and hit their kayak sideways. Luckily, Irino was wearing both an orange Railblaza flag and Chinook OS life jacket to easily identify him to other boaters on the water.

Net Worth

Irino has become one of Kiramune’s pioneering artists since 2009 when he released his mini album [Soleil]. Additionally, he is famous for voicing Koshi Sugawara and Sora in Haikyu!! anime series. According to estimates as of 2021, his net worth had reached $5 Million; his place of residence being Ventura California.

Adam Irino was kayak fishing off Rockaway Beach near San Francisco when he witnessed a pod of Pacific grey whales diving for anchovies, followed closely behind.

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