Adam Hornstine

Adam Hornstine

Adam has leveraged his skills in planning and communication to rally concerned citizens toward accomplishing worthwhile goals. He has formed alliances with various organizations like Christmas in April and Food Bank of South Jersey.

Assistant Attorney General Adam Hornstine argued on Galvin’s behalf that the legislature possesses ample power to amend state voting laws, and encouraged justices to uphold this new statute.

Early Life and Education

Adam recently helped establish M.A.G.I.C, a non-profit community service organization offering free home renovations for seniors and those with disabilities in Camden. At that time, Adam formed alliances with Christmas in April, Food Bank of South Jersey, Empowerment Committee of Camden, Neighborhood Housing Services of Camden, Cooper Landing Civic Association as well as local public officials.

Moorestown High School valedictorian Blair Hornstine and salutatorian Kenneth Mirkin share a narrow difference in cumulative grade point average; yet their lawsuit and petition to Harvard to withdraw Mirkin’s acceptance has drawn widespread media coverage and raised allegations of discrimination. At present, the Supreme Judicial Court is reviewing this case and is expected to make its ruling sometime during September.

Professional Career

Adam uses his skills of planning and communication to channel concern into action for lasting projects, inviting individuals of all ages to take part. He has formed alliances with organizations in Camden such as Christmas in April, Food Bank of South Jersey, Empowerment Committee of Camden, Neighborhood Housing Services of Camden, Cooper Landing Civic Association and even mayor/council of the City of Camden.

Moorestown High School students and alumni have responded strongly to the Hornstine case, posting messages ranging from offensive to violent on message boards and instant-message buddy icons; their photo has even appeared on an online petition calling on Harvard to retract her admission; as of early morning today, this petition had received over 550 signatures.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Hornstine has demonstrated remarkable organizational skills to effectively focus the efforts of various parties towards meeting worthwhile goals. He has organized many community service projects involving youth of all ages as well as other citizens from his home state of Ohio.

Moorestown High School wanted to award both Hornstine and Kenneth Mirkin valedictorian status; Paul Kadri, however, felt Hornstine had an unfair advantage as she is disabled and exempt from taking certain classes that count less towards grade point calculations.

Hornstine was vindicated in court, yet decided not to attend graduation due to a hostile environment that traumatized her, even though her brother, Judge Louis Hornstine of New Jersey Superior Court is an excellent lawyer himself. Mairead C. Blue received the Gambrell Award which honors students from each Legal Skills law office who best demonstrate professionalism, public service integrity and dedication towards increasing their lawyering skills.

Personal Life

Adam Hornstine currently resides at 36 Shepard Street in Cambridge MA 02138 for approximately two years now.

Moorestown High School salutatorian Kenneth Mirkin and valedictorian Blair Hornstine share a marginal difference in grade point averages that has spurred a multimillion-dollar lawsuit as well as heated discussions online message boards and message boards. For instance, one widely forwarded email on Winthrop House open mailing list called for Hornstine’s admission to Harvard to be revoked.

Hornstine’s leadership has been acknowledged by organizations such as Christmas in April, Food Bank of South Jersey and Empowerment Committee of Camden. Her skill at planning and communicating has allowed her to mobilize concerned citizens towards worthwhile goals; her self-initiated projects have generated enough money, volunteer labor and materials for renovating three homes for those in need.

Net Worth

Adam Hornstine reportedly earns an annual salary of $78,000 and currently resides at 36 Shepard Street in Cambridge MA 02138 in the USA. Previous addresses for Adam were Cove Road Moorestown New Jersey 08057 and 30 Cove Road Moorestown NJ.

Hornstine was awarded $60,000 from Harvard, as well as $45,000 to cover legal fees. Unfortunately, although she won in court, she lost in the Court of Public Opinion and developed an unbreakable stigma. Furthermore, she missed graduating as valedictorian–proving once more what can go wrong even when everything appears right.

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