Adam Holman

Adam Holman

Adam Holman specializes in ship finance and aviation law. He provides representation to banks, financial institutions and owners on transactions such as syndicated and bi-lateral loans; corporate jet loan-lease transactions; ship sales/purchase agreements and more.

He has been practicing law since the age of 19. His clients include the United States Navy, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and many private businesses.

Early Life and Education

Adam Holman has extensive experience working with children and adolescents. With a master’s degree in social work under his belt and running his own telehealth practice Main Quest Psychotherapy he offers his services specializing in video game addiction treatment to families struggling with the issue.

He was also an educator, basketball coach, and athletic director in Ashtabula schools. As such, he served as a mentor for future Lakeside High School Athletic Director Sean Allgood as well as always taking time out of his day to help children in need.

Adam understands that many teens come into his office with arms folded and appear angry or defensive that he will dictate to them or try to limit their gaming habits, yet instead empathizes and seeks to understand them and their thoughts and emotions.

Professional Career

Holman’s success on the golf course earned him acceptance onto the Asian Tour in 2014. His best finish that year was tied for second at ICTSI Philippine Open; additionally he competed in several European Tour events as an affiliate member and finished 201st on Race to Dubai.

He is the recipient of a Tewaaraton Award and has represented Team USA at international competition. Additionally, he coaches University of Utah athletes.

Holman is licensed in various treatment modalities, offering assistance with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), trauma and video game addiction for adolescents and adults both individually and collectively. His office is in Milwaukee Wisconsin while Monarch Telehealth Appointments can also be made available. Holman accepts several insurance providers.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Holman was an impressive individual with many achievements throughout his life. He worked tirelessly to make a difference as an outstanding teacher and coach, was President of Ashtabula NAACP chapter for many years, delivered job applications directly to people needing them and frequently waved hello and offered encouraging words when passing by him in town.

He was an accomplished musician, performing with bands such as Starlift, Destination Tokyo, Pandemonium and Hummingbirds – even touring as a solo player! His talents were recognized when he received the Trinidad and Tobago Silver Hummingbird medal of merit in 1993 – inspiring many young people.

Personal Life

His family includes Sofia Boza-Holman, a Department of Homeland Security press secretary who works on Capitol Hill. They were married over Valentine’s Weekend 2020.

As a young man in rural southeastern Missouri, Holman struggled to find opportunities due to prejudice and segregation. He eventually managed to overpower this barrier through athletic success on Ashtabula High School basketball team that he led to its 1977-78 championship victory.

Massillon police officer Jeremy Moody noticed when Holman was pulled over for speeding that the car did not belong to him; Christopher Predojev had taken up residence as his passenger. Following standard department policy, an inventory was performed on the car and Moody noticed a Marlboro Red cigarette pack containing Coca-Cola bottle caps which could have been used as meth production equipment.

Net Worth

Sofia Boza-Holman, Adam Kinzinger’s wife, is a career civil servant. She served in multiple positions within government including regional communications director for the White House and press secretary at DHS.

She currently works as a communication specialist at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington DC and sits on several public company boards.

She has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million. She is well known to make significant profits from her job, engaging in multiple insider transactions in the last 18 months and owning some stock in Ready Capital Corp (RC). Furthermore, she earned conditional status on the Asian Tour by competing in 10 European Tour events.

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