Adam Gruber

Adam Gruber – Vice Mayor of the City of Hollywood

Adam Gruber is a partner at Eos Partners, a New York-based private investment firm. Additionally, he serves on the boards of ProEnergy Services, LEGACY Supply Chain Services and ShelterPoint life Insurance.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Additionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Early Life and Education

Adam Gruber is Vice Mayor of Hollywood. Born September 30th 1965 and graduating from Hollywood Hills High School before attending Lynn University in Massachusetts for both his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Athletic Administration respectively.

He is a member of Operating Engineers Local #9. In Clark, Pennsylvania he married Janice Ann Bachman and they had three children – DeAnn, David & Freddie Michael.

He lived in Sargent, Pennsylvania, for the last three years after having resided in Weisenberg for many years prior. Robert will be missed greatly by his daughter DeAnn Schaefer of Bryant; Mother Hazel Gruber; Step-Son Ted Broeren (Trenton CO); Brother Robert Gruber; Sister Joyce Gruber as well as family and friends.

Professional Career

Adam Gruber serves as Managing Director for Eos Partners, a private equity firm which invests in growth-oriented businesses. Additionally, he sits on the boards of ProEnergy Services, LEGACY Supply Chain Services, and ShelterPoint Life Insurance.

Adam enjoys surfing, cooking and attending sporting events in his free time. Additionally, he is the proud husband and father of three.

Adam is a member of Centerville Christian Fellowship and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently pursuing an MBA at University of Phoenix. Adam began practicing law during 2008’s economic downturn and licensed to practice law in Florida. Additionally he frequently speaks at national conferences as well as authoring numerous articles for publications; reading avidly with keen interests in technology advancement and public policy advancement are some of his other passions.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Gruber stands out among City Hall’s sea of technology experts as an exceptional public servant and generous philanthropist. Even when mishandling cameras or phones he remains a credible contributor. He is also an adept game board master, frequently taking home the trophy over many years. On top of all this, he is also renowned magician who stands head and shoulders above his competitors and proud member of a symphony orchestra. Through hard work combined with sheer luck he stands out as an exceptional individual in any industry. City Hall in Hollywood stands as testament to these achievements, earning accolades such as: grade 8a-b; grade 12a-b and an accreditive g, a la carte.

Personal Life

Adam Gruber was a hard working, honest and caring individual with great devotion to both family and friends. Adam Gruber was especially proud to call Autumn Anne his own.

Adam Gruber had been an integral member of Hollywood since 1978 and currently holds the position of Vice Mayor for City of Hollywood. An ardent advocate for improving quality of life in his community, Adam enjoys surfing, cooking and spending time with family and friends during his free time. Adam will be missed dearly by everyone he knew.

Net Worth

Adam Gruber is Vice Mayor in Hollywood, California with an estimated net worth estimated to be in the Million range. This wealth stems from investments primarily within education, healthcare, real estate and technology industries.

In 2009, the Department of Health and Human Services contracted Gruber to assist President Obama’s health care reform efforts. As part of his contract, he developed a microsimulation model which allowed him to predict how insurance marketplaces would work and cost, while several states used his model when creating their own markets to comply with the Affordable Care Act. His work earned him a seven-figure salary; furthermore it made him a key adviser on health care matters during Obama’s presidential bid and first year.

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