Adam Granite

Adam Granite

Adam Granite is an industry veteran who oversees international expansion for two of the world’s major label groups. Working closely with Universal Music Group’s senior management team and operating companies across more than 60 territories to maximize commercial opportunities for artists and labels in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Early Life and Education

Adam is the name given to the first human in the Bible. It may have derived from Hebrew Adm (‘adam), meaning “red”, or it could come from Akkadian adamu meaning “to make”.

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Professional Career

Adam brings experience from across industries and excels at helping individuals and families realize their financial goals. He holds both Series 7 and 63 licenses, and excels at providing guidance with complex planning scenarios.

Adam graduated from Elizabethtown College with a BBA, Concentration in Finance and Minor in Economics, and has since worked as a Northwestern Mutual agent for over three-and-a-half years. Additionally, he’s actively participated in York County Economic Alliance meetings, the Estate Planning Council for York County Estate Planners, Hospice & Community Care’s Planned Giving Council as well as numerous other community activities.

Adam previously served as Executive Vice President at Sony Music Entertainment, overseeing operations both within their own offices and through licensing in Northern and Eastern Europe and Africa. Adam led digital strategy, A&R, marketing, brands, market segmentation, consumer insights and consumer profiling efforts at this global music company.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Granite has built a distinguished career in music. At Sony Music International and Epic Records he held various executive roles such as President for Northern and Eastern Europe and Africa.

As part of the international operations executive management team, he was accountable for digital strategy, A&R, marketing, brand management and consumer insight for brands as well as international sales & distribution deals. Additionally, he played an instrumental role in signing DJ Martin Garrix to an exclusive contract.

His most impressive accomplishment to date has been playing an instrumental role in UMG’s new initiative to maximize commercial opportunities for artists and labels across Europe and emerging markets such as Africa, China and India. This encompasses providing internet connectivity, hosted voice services and SD-WAN services.

Personal Life

Adam Granite was an attentive husband and father who found great pleasure in traveling, fishing, and fast cars.

His business assistant Lisa was an integral part of his life as well as Coco and Luna his dogs who all contributed significantly.

He held positions in finance, operations and business development throughout his career. Additionally, he served in international management capacities with oversight for Europe, Africa, Russia and Turkey.

Universal Music Group appointed him EVP, Market Development in September 2017 and reports directly to Sir Lucian Grainge as UMG CEO & Chairman. Based out of London, he oversees UMG’s strategy in some of the fastest growing and evolving musical territories globally.

Net Worth

Adam Granite currently boasts an estimated net worth of $2.4 Million earned through his career in music.

He currently serves as Executive Vice President of Market Development for Universal Music Group and was previously President, Northern & Eastern Europe & Africa at Sony Music Entertainment.

His current position enables him to enhance coordination between UMG’s global operations and music labels, as well as work closely with UMG’s senior management team and operating companies across more than 60 territories to maximize commercial opportunities for artists and labels.

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