Adam Gellings

Adam Gellings

Adam Gellings hails from Columbus, Ohio and is an educator and poet. A Pushcart Prize nominee with work appearing in Atlanta Review, Dialogue International Journal (DIALOGIST), Salamander magazine and others; currently studying an MFA program at Ashland University as he writes his memoir about childhood and family; member of The Academy of American Poets

Early Life and Education

Adam gellings was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Currently studying English at SUNY Binghamton and having earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University.

He has work published in Best New Poets 2017 Prelude Salamander and elsewhere. Currently he is writing the chapbook Little Palace (Stephen F Austin University Press 2022) that explores travel’s escapism qualities as a metaphor for universal art forms.

Adam attempts to mend his relationship with Chelsea following being shot at Victor’s wedding by making Connor her godfather and promising not to bring Chelsea into the company again as long as Adam remains part of Connor’s life; but when it is discovered that Chelsea remarried and adopted Connor by another couple, Adam finds himself cut off from being part of his life anymore.

Professional Career

Adam is a skilled rugby player, having played for teams such as Brumbies in Super Rugby and Union Bordeaux-Begles in France. At eighty years old he still proved his mettle at both levels of professional play; being one of their standout performers. Adam always looks for ways to add flair and dramatic play when taking to the pitch; always searching for his next great thing in rugby!

One of his more notable starring roles was as scrum master for the Brumbies in 2022, since when he has expanded into leadership consultant for senior players. A frequent traveller, he has capitalized on any opportunities presented in his sphere of influence by seizing numerous awards to add his name to their long list of accomplishments.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Gellings hails from Columbus, Ohio. He earned an MFA at Ashland University and PhD at State University of New York at Binghamton. His poems have appeared in many journals and magazines such as Best New Poets 2017-2021, New South, Salamander Review, Southampton Review Willow Springs & elsewhere.

He is best-known as an antihero and his relationships with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) and Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) were described by SoapNet as dark. His schemes and pranks made him one of the most beloved characters on daytime; furthermore, his uneasy bond with his father hindered their bond further still. Giant Creative/Strategy LLC currently partners him.

Personal Life

Adam is a poet, instructor and academic with his PhD from State University of New York Binghamton. Former poetry editor at Harpur Palate and faculty member at Columbus College of Art and Design. Adam has won awards for his writing as well as being known for promoting literary arts through blog postings, poetry readings and creative endeavors like poetry readings or blog writing – having published poems in journals like New South, Salamander and Willow Springs among many others.

He’s a true sailor at heart, though not in the traditional sense. He enjoys sailing immensely and all things nautical; from knot tying to shipbuilding. Additionally, he’s been happily married for over 30 years and proudly fathers two sons.

Net Worth

Adam Gellings hails from Columbus, Ohio and holds both an MFA from Ashland University and PhD from State University of New York at Binghamton. His poetry has been published widely – Best New Poets 2017-2021-2018 New South Salamander The Southampton Review Willow Springs to name just a few – while in fall 2022 Stephen F Austin State University Press published his debut poetry collection Little Palace; additionally an annual two-week Paris Workshop is organized for six participants of any level of writing ability to take place during which his poems provide sophisticated reminders of human connection truths as well as travel experiences that transcend boundaries while universal art offers timeless beauty.

Adam Gellings boasts an estimated net worth of $310,000. As author of Litt le Palace, his sophisticated poetry book transports readers to new worlds while at the same time reminding them of universal truths about human connections, travel experiences, and art as an universal medium.

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