Adam Gallegos

Adam Gallegos is a Real Estate and Insurance Lawyer

Adam Gallegos specializes in real estate and insurance law, representing sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies in both state and federal court proceedings.

He is active in the insurance law section of the State Bar of Texas and heads the firm’s Emergency Response Team, while maintaining an acclaimed real estate practice.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Adam is an acclaimed financial services expert with expertise in alternative investments, global macro and real estate. Adam currently serves as president and CEO of The Foundation Investment Group – one of the oldest and largest independent alternative asset management firms in the US.

Personality aside, Adam has established himself in the real estate market through his marketing skills by building an efficient and effective team. This success propelled him into top producing agent status within Northern Virginia. Adam attributes his success to quality of his work and client dedication; seeing happy and successful families settle into their dream homes remains his greatest reward despite recent heartache in losing one best friend to cancer.

Achievement and Honors

Gallegos has achieved many accomplishments throughout his career and been honored for his services to the community.

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Personal Life

Adam has dedicated his career to practicing insurance law. With extensive experience representing small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations in both state and federal court proceedings, Adam is widely respected for zealously representing his clients during insurance litigation proceedings.

Adam Gallegos is also involved in various other endeavors outside his legal practice, such as owning Cutbow Coffee Roastology since 2018. Before that he roasted coffee for Peet’s Coffee in Emeryville, California between 1989-2016. A portion of sales from Cutbow is donated to Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance which works to protect New Mexico watersheds; additionally he owns top-rated real estate brokerage Gallegos Realty with their unique marketing methods designed to attract both buyers and sellers.

Net Worth

Gallegos’ net worth has been estimated at an estimated estimated of $1 Million, though no information regarding his earnings or salary have been made public. He appears to live an extravagant lifestyle.

Adam Gallegos specializes in business law, commercial litigation and insurance coverage law. He represents clients in state and federal court on all manner of cases related to personal injury, trucking accidents and insurance defense. Adam also has significant experience with appellate practice. A member of Texas Association of Defense Counsel and receiving numerous awards for his legal work including board membership of various organizations such as American Bar Association he has also traveled extensively while learning more about global markets during his career.

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