Adam Flammang

Adam Flammang

Adam Flammang has scored 24 goals for the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders this season and currently sits second on their scoring list with 12 points from 16 games. On Friday night at ImOn Ice in Waterloo he contributed two of their four goals as they defeated Waterloo Black Hawks 4-1 – hailing originally from Sioux Falls himself! Adam serves as captain for Cedar Rapids.

Early Life and Education

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Flammang is an accomplished athlete who has been playing hockey since childhood. A skilled forward, he led his team to victory at the Class AA Minnesota State Tournament this past season while being part of St. Michael-Albertville Knights.

Professional Career

Flammang’s time with Cedar Rapids RoughRiders earned them the best record in the league and led him to score 20 goals this season, an accomplishment not often possible in the USHL. Utilizing his speed and high-quality shot, he was instrumental in leading his club on an unprecedented four-game win streak and earning them an invitation into playoffs berth.

Adam Flammang has distinguished himself in both his professional and entrepreneurial endeavors by successfully venturing into Blockchain Fintech initiatives. Starting his own company in Belgium before migrating it over to the US to restructure a money-losing telecom firm into a profitable entity. A member of both International Business Council and a non-profit that aids children living with cerebral palsy, Adam currently sits on numerous boards as an active leader.

Personal Life

Adam Flammang is a University of Northern Iowa (UNI) grad living in Waterloo with his wife Sommer. Prior to being employed at KWWL-TV as an intern, Adam spent much time enjoying family time and spending time with them and their two year-old daughter. Adam is actively involved with his church as well as supporting its community mission; additionally he enjoys golf and fishing for relaxation. Born March 8, 1937 to Leo and Hazel Flammang.

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