Adam Farkas

Adam Farkas, OFM, Attorney at Frier Levitt

Adam Farkas is an attorney and Associate at Frier Levitt, PC. As part of their Life Sciences practice group, Adam specializes in pharmaceutical compliance matters.

As an advocate of the right to defend against false charges, he has become an expert in this field.

Early Life and Education

Adam Farkas was raised with an appreciation of Franciscan life in Hungary. His parents instilled within him a respect for both nature and its inhabitants as well as an appreciation of Franciscan friars’ legacy.

Though he loves Franciscans, he is by profession a lawyer; having graduated with his undergraduate degree from Penn State in history and law school credentials from New York University respectively. Before joining Frier Levitt he served as law clerk/judicial intern at Stern Kilcullen Rufolo LLC before moving onto Frier Levitt as part of its Legal Intern Program.

Adam may come as a shock, but his name derives from two sources – Hebrew Adm (pronounced Adam) meaning “to become red”, and Akkadian adamu (“make”). Though its source remains undetermined, Adam’s origins have long been the subject of much debate and research.

Professional Career

Adam Farkas, an attorney at Frier Levitt, specializes in helping clients navigate the PBM industry. He provides assistance to pharmacies and healthcare providers for PBM audits, investigations, network terminations as well as representing them against Board of Pharmacy actions or compliance matters related to pharmaceutical compliance matters.

Adam Farkas recently accepted employment at financial lobbying group AFME under certain conditions imposed by the European Banking Authority (EBA). First and foremost, lobbying or advocacy activities against EBA staff as well as professional contacts with EBA staff during his 24 month post-EBA employment suspension are prohibited for this position.

Second, he should refrain from providing advice or contributions related to his former work at EBA for 18 months after departing EBA.

It would have been in the best interests of European regulators and consumers for this serious conflict of interest to be avoided by barring former Executive Director from becoming CEO of one of the world’s biggest lobbying groups. Such an appointment could result in less stringent banking regulation that safeguards Europe’s economy and consumers.

Achievement and Honors

One of Adam Farkas’ outstanding accomplishments has been creating and leading a multidisciplinary clinic for complex vascular anomalies. This unique forum brings together surgeon expertise with interventional radiological skill to offer patients comprehensive and tailored treatment plans that work.

Adam is also proud to be the first Israeli physician to perform hemorrhoid embolization, an innovative non-surgical procedure which reduces bleeding and pain associated with internal hemorrhoids.

Adam Farkas learned early from his mother Rhonda Farkas that opportunity is the key to success, which became a central theme throughout their childhood years. Their parents instilled within them the belief that with hard work and the proper mindset anything was possible; most importantly they learned not to give up even when success seemed hopeless at first.

Personal Life

Just speaking to Brother Adam Farkas, OFM for even a brief moment will fill you with warmth and welcome. Born and raised in Hungary, his life has always been inspired by Franciscan values.

He holds great reverence for both nature and all of its creatures, firmly believes in his calling as a friar, and strives to live a life filled with simplicity, holiness and love for all people.

He and his family recently made aliyah to Jerusalem where he practices medicine at Shaare Zedek Medical Center and serves as director of its Vascular Anomalies Clinic. He thoroughly enjoys this new career opportunity in his ancestral land of Israel.

Net Worth

Adam Farkas holds both a PhD in Finance from Corvinus University (Vienna) and an MSc degree from Sunderland University (UK), making him the inaugural Executive Director of the European Banking Authority.

He served as managing director and member of the board at National Bank of Hungary, co-CEO of CIB Bank and CEO of Allianz Bank Hungary.

Tax Watch columnist David McKay Wilson conducted a detailed examination of Schleifer’s financial filings and concluded that, should he win the race to replace Nita Lowey with Nita Schleifer as D-Harrison representative, he would rank among the richest members of Congress.

Adam Schleifer of Chappaqua is running for Congress against Republican David Carlucci in New York’s 17th Congressional District and holds stock valued between $25 million to $50 million, as documented on Form 4. This information has been submitted with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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