Adam Crum

Adam Crum – World-Class Numismatist, Seasoned Auction Buyer and Seller

Adam Crum is an internationally-recognized numismatist, auction buyer and seller who has orchestrated over $1 billion worth of rare coin transactions.

William Whitman has published several books on coins, such as Whitman’s Carson City Morgan Dollars and An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Type I Double Eagles, as well as writing for various numismatic magazines.

Early Life and Education

Adam Crum was born in Maryland in 1819. His descendants number over 350 graduates of Crum High School; his gravesite can be found beneath three giant cedar trees near Silver Creek’s mouth.

Prior to his appointment as Commissioner of Health and Social Services by Governor Dunleavy in December 2018, Crum served as executive vice president for his family-run company, Northern Industrial Training. Additionally, Crum was involved with numerous community service organizations like Salvation Army and MyHouse that provide direct care services for homeless youth.

Crum is an exceptionally talented and dedicated public servant. From protecting Alaskans against COVID-19 pandemic to overseeing the reorganization of Department of Health and Social Services, he has made an enormous difference.

Professional Career

He is a world-class rare coin expert and experienced auction buyer and seller, having handled more than $1 billion of rare coin transactions as well as some of the finest numismatic rarities ever known to man.

As a professor, he provides estate and asset protection workshops for both public and private audiences. Additionally, he holds membership of both the Texas Bar Association and National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

At Yale, Crum became fascinated with the placebo effect – our tendency to respond favorably to inert medications like sugar pills – and conducted various experiments with her fellow students to see which messages had more of an impactful message: reinforcing stress’s negative impacts or one that promoted its benefits.

Achievement and Honors

One of his greatest achievements – and an honor in itself – was being named to the Alaskan State Board of Medicine. The Board is comprised of leading members from Alaska’s medical community as well as professionals from private enterprise; their primary task is improving quality care for Alaskans in Alaska’s hospitals, clinics and emergency rooms.

Northern Industrial Training, a family-owned vocational training firm based in Matanuska-Susitna borough and offering advanced technical training for petroleum industries across Alaska. He serves as executive vice president at this business which employs approximately 500 across the nation and boasts 30 employees within Alaska alone, responsible for providing exceptional oil and gas industry service levels.

Personal Life

Adam Crum is an esteemed numismatist. He has published multiple numismatic books and contributed to Smithsonian collections; additionally he holds membership in numerous numismatic organizations.

Crum recalled his father, Tom Crum, an aikido master and motivational speaker, teaching him about how the mind can have an effect on physical beings. Tom would conduct outdoor workshops covering topics related to meditation.

At one such session, he instructed participants to spread their arms outward and imagine their energy flowing towards someone they care about.

He also told them that exercise was just an ineffective placebo – making you feel good but doing nothing to enhance their health.

Net Worth

Adam Crum is an esteemed and esteemed numismatic expert, auction buyer and seller who has transacted over $1 billion worth of rare coin transactions and is considered an authority on Type-I Gold coins, shipwreck treasures and ancient world coins. Adam is also a best-selling author of several numismatic books as well as having contributed significantly towards many others.

Prior to his appointment as Commissioner by Governor Dunleavy on November 16, 2022, he served as Executive Vice President of his family’s company Northern Industrial Training, while remaining active in community organizations such as Salvation Army and MyHouse that work with homeless youth, mental health issues, substance use disorder and transitional housing needs. He holds both bachelor’s degrees in psychology from Northwestern University and master’s in public health from Johns Hopkins University.

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