Adam Combs

Adam Combs

Adam Combs is an accomplished outdoor educator and guide. Additionally, he has extensive race car driving experience which has seen him featured on multiple television programs, such as Overhaulin and Mythbusters.

Church has battled through years of struggle before finding success as a country music artist, eventually finding himself living with his wife and daughter in North Carolina.

Early Life and Education

Adam Combs graduated with his Master’s of Special Education at Appalachian State University, in addition to becoming certified as both a wilderness first responder and base managed climbing instructor.

Combs was active in numerous student organizations during his college tenure, including Circle of Fathers – a support group for fathers and caregivers – which provided peer support services. Josh Rafail, executive director of Illuminate Colorado stated that Combs always kept meetings fun and engaging.

Jeff Phillips, the program director and professor of engineering, helped him secure an internship at Grote Industries manufacturing plant in Madison for five years after graduation. This experience has allowed him to gain invaluable work experience that is setting him up for success post-graduation.

Professional Career

He has earned widespread acclaim and awards in the music industry. His songs have become beloved hits both domestically and abroad; his albums have even topped charts worldwide.

He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and has hosted various shows such as Overhaulin and Jay Leno’s Garage on television.

He is passionate about cars and has amassed an impressive collection. He has appeared in multiple car commercials for Ford F-150 as well as movies and television shows. Now in a music video tribute to Luke Church as his mentor. In it he pays him his thanks as both good friend and true mentor.

Achievement and Honors

As many country artists juggle low-rent bars with Music Row record deals, Combs built himself an audience who demanded more. His co-writing features an earnestness that resonates throughout every love ballad or hard-drinkin’ party song he co-wrote; something few other country artists could manage despite an industry fraught with carbon copies; commercial enough for awards and streaming records alike.

Combs and his team cultivated this legion of Bootleggers through their fan-first approach to concert touring. He recruited Whiskey Jam – an influential Nashville showcase – to host free parking lot stages before each stadium show, on show day cars from Texas through California were lined up in Mile High lots waiting to participate in an immersive country music and whiskey shots convention that went beyond his time on stage.

Personal Life

Adam Church is an accomplished country singer-songwriter who worked tirelessly to break into the music industry. Beginning his journey as a student musician at college level before transitioning into Nashville venues on Lower Broadway and eventually signing a record deal.

He resides in North Carolina with his wife and two-year old daughter. He has appeared on multiple TV shows, such as 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls as a regular cast member and guest spots in Sliders as a guest star.

He’s experienced an uptick in his career thanks to the viral “Doin’ This” video, but still needs a boost before reaching his goal of filling arenas across the country. He is currently working on a new album which should provide this extra push forward.

Net Worth

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