Adam Ace

Adam Ace, Actor, Comedian, Photographer and Artist

Adam Ace from Catford in London is known by many as “Lightning”, a super middleweight boxer. Adam understands that professional sport is all about fine margins – those subtle adjustments that determine who emerges victorious in every competition.

Lon Campbell brings a combination of marketing savvy, graphic design expertise and practical website development experience to ACE. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication.

Early Life and Education

Adam Ace was a comedian on Season 3 of America’s Got Talent who performed a routine where he donned a shower cap to make funny noises, before being eliminated in the audition round.

Adam excels at unarmed combat. Using his fists he can use them to defeat opponents easily, even copying some of Zeus’ techniques in combat.

Adam’s Indomitable Will: Adam has remarkable endurance and stamina, which allows him to push beyond physical limits in pursuit of victory in fights like his showdown with Zeus where he continued fighting even after losing sight of him.

Divine Reflection: Adam can copy any move and technique he sees, even that employed by gods, with incredible precision, helping him avoid attacks while also counteracting them, such as when he copied Zeus’ time-surpassing punch after only seeing it once.

Professional Career

Adam is co-founder and partner at ACE and sits on its investment committees. He has helped develop its diverse product offerings for Secondaries, Buyout and Venture capital investments.

Drew Pinsky also hosts a nationally syndicated radio program called Loveline Radio Hour with Drew Pinsky that airs on more than 500 college campuses in the USA.

Adam works as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and health and wellness coach in Boston area. In this capacity, he coaches some of the top high school arm throwers as well as working alongside numerous professional baseball players. Adam lives with his wife and children as well as their dog named Shaker – as a fan of New England Patriots team which won Super Bowl 50!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Ace is an esteemed photographer and artist. Combining his artistic talent with his appreciation of history and nature, Adam utilizes his creative energy by retouching materials for Ossining Historical Society Museum in New York. Adam’s work draws upon Hudson River School aesthetics which combined idealism with experience when depicting scenes.

He has received multiple accolades, such as an ACE Eddie Award. Additionally, he was nominated for an Oscar nomination for editing Moneyball, The Big Short and Vice.

As Virgil in the independent short film Save Virgil, and Workaholics comedian series. Additionally he auditioned for Season 3 of America’s Got Talent but was cut in audition round.

Personal Life

Adam is actively involved in his local community, serving on the Health & Wellness Committee at his children’s school and coaching a youth baseball team. Additionally, he serves as an Alumnus Advisor for his college fraternity as well as being featured on numerous radio shows including Loveline.

Adam leaves his decision about returning for another season to a family vote in the series finale, making a tough decision after missing so much – from their first steps to their teeth emerging – but Jenny and their kids come together on one thing: play on. Until we see you again Adam, good luck in your future endeavors and don’t forget your smile; you never know when it may come in handy!

Net Worth

Adam Ace is an internationally-recognized comedian, radio personality and actor best known for appearing on Comedy Central shows and hosting “The Adam Carolla Show”. His estimated net worth stands at $20 Million.

He has provided voice work for numerous animated characters, including Commander Nebula from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Death on Family Guy. Additionally, he has performed on television as well as appearing in an independent short film called Save Virgil.

He and Danielle Busby make a solid living from OutDaughtered, which has now run for eight seasons. Additionally, the couple have launched a media company and clothing line designed by Danielle that have increased their bank balance significantly.

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