Adam 4115

Adam 4115-B – How to Maintain a Balanced Personal Life

ADAM-4115-B la Module iRTU for Telematics Testing in Vietnam

Adam lacks the capacity to fully inhabit his personal spaces; rather he wanders aimlessly from one environment to the next without an identifiable sense of who or what he is. Instead, his existence seems caught between internalized homophobia and masculine chauvinism – like being homeless without having a place he calls home.

Personal Life

Personal life refers to an area of an individual’s experience that they can choose to control, such as leisure activities, relationships and personal freedoms. Although not synonymous with social life, both may overlap at times. Maintaining an effective balance between work and leisure activities is essential for mental and physical health – however maintaining it may be challenging at first – however tools and resources exist which can assist individuals with maintaining their personal/professional life balance more easily – see further below for examples of such tools and resources.

Net Worth

Adam Alfia is an established entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $1 Million. He owns several lucrative businesses, co-founding the Shell Shack franchised restaurant chain as well as some high-end restaurants and nightclubs in Dallas, Texas.

On his LinkedIn profile, he declares himself a serial entrepreneur specializing in hospitality and technology sectors.

He owns Real Time Feedback with his brother Kfir and has also been involved with other ventures like running a luxury car dealership and fitness studio. Additionally, he possesses an impressive property portfolio as well as several luxury vehicles; and currently resides in Dallas with daughter Alexa as well as Tito and Loki his two pets.

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