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Mary Megan Winningham Net Worth

Winningham began her acting career while attending Chatsworth High School alongside fellow actors Val Kilmer and Kevin Spacey. Since then she has enjoyed great success starring in various film genres under renowned directors’ supervision.

She is a member of the Brat Pack and has appeared in films such as St. Elmo’s Fire and Miracle Mile. Additionally, she provided voiceover for Freedom by singing songs by Janis Ian.

Early Life and Education

Mary Megan Winningham was born 16 May 1959 in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Northridge, California. Her mother worked as an English teacher and college counselor at Monroe High School while her father served as chairman of California State University’s physical education department.

At an early age, she discovered her passion for acting. Soon thereafter she participated in school theater projects at both Andasol Ave Primary School and Patrick Henry Secondary School before being transferred to Chatsworth High School.

Winningham made her television show debut at 15 in James, and made the leap into feature films with 1980 drama Amber Waves and Paul Simon’s 1979 One Trick Pony, earning critical acclaim and earning her a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for 1995’s Georgia. St Elmo’s Fire, Miracle Mile, Turner & Hooch Made in Heaven Swing Vote Brothers Mildred Pierce Hatfields & McCoys are just a few other notable works featuring Winningham.

Professional Career

Mary Megan Winningham has enjoyed an outstanding four decade-long career as both an actor and singer. Starting as a vocalist, she quickly found roles on television and films sets as an actress/singer.

She won an Emmy award in 1980 for her role in Amber Waves and received Golden Globe and Tony nominations. Additionally, her work in films and miniseries such as 24 (2001), Mildred Pierce, Hatfields & McCoys Brothers, Torchwood has brought many more acclaim and awards over time.

Recently, Winningham has appeared on popular television series such as Grey’s Anatomy and Cold Case, while also providing voiceover for Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story audiobook version and Alice Hoffman’s Skylight Confessions audiobooks. Winningham also frequently performs onstage – she appeared both at Broadway production Hurlyburly as well as Off-Broadway show 10 Million Miles.

Achievement and Honors

Mare Winningham began her career in 1976 as a singer before transitioning into television and film, garnering various honors during that time. She is an eight-time Emmy nominee, winning twice for Outstanding Supporting Actress while also receiving nominations in lead and drama guest actress categories.

Dopesick actress Colleen Dewhurst will compete once more this year for Limited Series Supporting Actress honors with her performance as a mother impacted by opioid crisis, competing against familiar names like Jane Alexander (Playing for Time and Warm Springs), Judy Davis, Colleen Dewhurst and Regina King who boasts seven wins in this category.

Winningham has earned an exceptional reputation on Broadway since her Broadway debut in 2007 Off-Broadway musical 10 Million Miles; for which she received an official Drama Desk Award nomination.

Personal Life

Mary “Mare” Megan Winningham is an award-winning actress and singer, winning an Emmy for her portrayal of a rebellious teenager in the 1980 TV movie Amber Waves and being nominated for a Tony, two Golden Globes, and two Academy Awards.

Winningham began her acting career in 1976 with a minor role on the short-lived television series James at 15. Since then, she has featured in numerous films and TV series such as ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and 24; plus miniseries Mildred Pierce Brothers and Hatfields & McCoys.

Winningham has appeared in numerous big-budget films, such as Tom Hanks’ Turner & Hooch comedy and The War. Additionally, she has made multiple off-Broadway appearances. Furthermore, her personal life has attracted widespread scrutiny due to being married three times (A Martinez, William Mapel and Jason Trucco).

Net Worth

Mare Winningham has amassed an impressive net worth through her successful acting career and is well known for her roles in Amber Waves (1980) and George Wallace (1998).

Winningham began her acting career at an early age. Inspired by Kym Karath’s interview on House Party TV show, she immediately took up acting. First attending Andasol Ave Elementary School drama activities then Patrick Henry Junior High School drama activities before participating in CSUN Teenage Drama Workshop during summer vacations.

She has appeared in various films and television shows such as St. Elmo’s Fire, Miracle Mile, Turner & Hooch, The War, Dandelion Swing Vote Brothers Mildred Pierce Hatfields McCoys four Seasons American Horror Story Coven Worship Freak Show Hotel as well as theatre performances such as 10 Million Miles Casa Valentina Picnic

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