Aaron Rodgers With Mustache

Aaron Rodgers With Mustache

Aaron Rodgers was interviewed by the American Mustache Institute a few months ago. The quarterback talked candidly about his mustache and how it would help him concentrate on his ultimate goal, winning the Super Bowl. Aside from his mustache, Rodgers has been spotted wearing a mustache on numerous occasions. If you haven’t noticed, the mustache on Rodgers’ upper lip is actually his trademark look.

While the NFL has a long tradition of allowing players to wear their favorite characters in costumes, Aaron Rodgers isn’t averse to experimenting with his facial hair. He is known for going all out for Halloween. Who knows, maybe he’ll decide to dress up as the Jesus, The Dude, or The Joker? If he goes as an agent of chaos, he could even dress up as a 1970s adult movie star from the film ‘Boogie Nights’.

While Aaron Rodgers’ mustache looks surprisingly good, it’s hard to distinguish it from the one on Wilford Brimley. The Packers’ social media handles praised the fan who copied the mustache and put it on a mask. It looks more like a fake mustache than real hair. However, despite the lack of authenticity, the mustache makes him one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

The NFL’s Packers created a whole video montage to show Rodgers’ evolution of his mustache after spotting it on the field. Aaron Rodgers’ mustache, unlike Tom Selleck’s, is not permanent. The Packers are also keeping a record of his evolution. One of his most well-known facial hair photos is one of him playing Agent K in Men in Black.

Although the NFL is now used to the new look the mustache and long hair of Aaron Rodgers are still popular with fans. Fans are encouraging the Packers to grow their mustache and have longer hair next season. And if he does go, he’ll look like a yoga instructor.

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