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Avielle Hernandez – Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter Net Worth

Avielle Hernandez, born 2012 and living with her mother Shayanna Jenkins and step-sister Giselle Guilmette in Bristol, United States.

She shares her fortune with her mother and lives a life free from any controversy or drama.

Early Life and Education

Avielle Hernandez, daughter of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, has become one of the most beloved celebrity kids since her father’s imprisonment for murder. Avielle is often featured in media reports due to this. Her death only furthered this notoriety.

She lives with her mother Shayanna Jenkins and step-sister Giselle Guilmette; recently her mother remarried Dino Guilmette, an former professional boxer.

Avielle was born five years after their engagement, in 2012. They met each other while attending elementary school and began dating shortly after high school graduation. Following five years together they got engaged. In 2012 their daughter Avielle arrived.

Avielle was involved with Aaron until his arrest for the Odin Lloyd murder case and eventual prison death. Since his passing, Avielle has not spoken out in public and attends school as an 8 year-old child.

Professional Career

Aaron Hernandez was a former professional football player who played tight end for the New England Patriots. In 2013, he was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing Odin Lloyd.

Avielle Hernandez, his daughter, is also an actress and has appeared on various popular TV series. Currently she resides with her mother Shayanna, step-father Dino Guilmette and half-sister Giselle in Rhode Island.

Avielle’s family is well known for their involvement in charitable efforts and have consistently shown great support for various causes, particularly initiatives that promote mental health awareness and youth development. Avielle herself has taken part in various charity events and been recognized for her contributions; it is expected that she will inherit much of his estate.

Achievement and Honors

Her father was an NFL star who earned considerable wealth. Additionally, he owned an impressive home and cars.

Avielle currently attends a dance school and takes pleasure in competing in dance competitions. Her mother is proud of her accomplishments, often posting videos of Avielle dancing on Instagram.

Young girl has proven her abilities in dancing competitions by winning several prestigious awards. Her future looks bright.

As a result of Aaron Hernandez’s death in prison, his daughter Avielle will inherit some of his fortune. Since she is minor, however, she will require a trustee in order to secure this inheritance. According to Hollywood Life’s report of estate attorney Damian Boz who indicated that it could take some time before Avielle sees any of it due to probate proceedings for Aaron’s estate being settled first.

Personal Life

Avielle Hernandez, 9, lives a luxurious life with her mother and half-sister. Located in Rhode Island, Avielle tries to steer clear of controversy via social media by not participating.

Avielle Hernandez was born to Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins, his primary school girlfriend who married in 2007 and gave birth in 2012. Avielle’s father Aaron Hernandez played tight end for the New England Patriots but later was convicted for killing Odin Lloyd before ultimately taking his own life in prison in 2017. Her mother Shayanna Jenkins passed away shortly before giving birth, in 2012. Her grandfather Aaron Hernandez played tight end in NFL before being sent away to prison following being charged with his death. In 2017, Avielle’s uncle Aaron Hernandez committed suicide inside.

Shayanna stood by her husband throughout all of his legal woes. She even took on his last name – now known as Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez – becoming involved with court trials and documentaries about him.

Net Worth

Avielle Hernandez was born after her parents began dating as grade school students and married in 2007. Avielle is their only child together and was born in 2012. Since she has shown an interest in acting and singing. Avielle lives with her mother as well as being big sister to a brother from her previous relationship.

Her father was a professional footballer for the New England Patriots who died after being charged with the Odin Lloyd homicide case and due to legal technicalities his estate could potentially receive compensation from any potential payout.

He left her a trust fund worth $700,000. It is expected to cover her basic living expenses in the future. Shayanna Jenkins is an American television actress and model.

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