6 Day Star Blanket

How to Crochet a 6 Day Star Blanket

You can crochet a cute and easy 6 day star baby blanket. This pattern is suitable for all sizes, including blankets for babies and adults. You can use any type of yarn and hook size for the blanket. To ensure that your blanket doesn’t curl, use a larger hook. You can also make your blanket in different colors and sizes. Make a few for friends and family as gifts or keep one for yourself. Then, you’ll have a beautiful baby blanket ready for your newborn.

Betty McKnit, a creator of the viral 6-Day Star Baby Blanket, is a designer and crochet artist. She has been crafting since childhood and has a wide range of projects that can be used to suit different occasions. She also promotes daily knitting and creativity as an enjoyable process that brings joy and relaxation to anyone who works on it. Below are some of her top-rated designs. So, how do you make one of these adorable blankets?

The Rising Star crochet pattern is squared off the point of a star. Part 1 of this pattern is free. Part 2 contains a video tutorial. You will be able to track the progress of your project, step-by-step. You can also download the free patterns in Parts 1 & 2.

To keep your child warm and comfortable this spring and summer, crochet a double-crochet Star blanket. Double-crochet stitches create a beautiful drape that is quick and easy to make. It provides just the right amount coverage for summer. The free version of the pattern is ad-free and in printable PDF format. This post contains affiliate links. If you like it, please consider purchasing it!

A rainbow-colored baby blanket is another great option. This baby blanket can be used as a nursery rug and is soft. If you want to customize the color scheme, you can find the pattern on the website of bettymcknit.com or on Ravelry. These tutorials will show you how to make it larger or smaller. It’s fun to make your own blanket!

A crochet star blanket is a fun way to keep a child cozy on the couch. With the instructions provided, you can adjust the blanket size for a newborn or a toddler. The finished blanket measured 110 cm in width. The instructions make it easy for you to adjust the blanket to fit your baby’s needs. You can also use different kinds of yarn and add or subtract hexagons as you go along. Your imagination is the only limit!

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