26 Wallace St Red Bank

5 Bedroom 4 Bath Red Brick House For Sale in Red Bank NJ

This 5 bedroom 4 bath red brick abode is not for the faint of heart. The current price is approximately a quarter of a million dollars a little more if you count the mortgage. The cheapest a tenant will take care of is roughly $600 a month if you do the math. The house is on the market for some time. Probably the best time to see it is during the weekdays, as that is when the kids are at school. So, it is no surprise the place is a tad full. The current owners have had it for a few years but it isn’t like a new home purchase to be rushed out the door in a hurry. The neighborhood is a safe bet for a growing family, with plenty of schools and shops to keep the little ones entertained. Having a home of your own is a rite of passage for many young families.

The main drawback is the long commute, but there are several options in the area. There are other perks aplenty, including a walkable downtown location. The area is also one of the more stable of the Jersey shore, where a healthy community of neighbors and a supportive neighborhood will keep your home in tip top shape for years to come.

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