1090 Jake Net Worth

1090 Jake Net Worth

1090 Jake net worth is an impressive figure, especially considering the fact that he spent time in prison at the young age of 18 on 19 felony charges. Now, this YouTuber and Social media entrepreneur earns over 6 figures per year. However, this is not all he has to boast about. The following are some facts about 1090 Jake’s net worth.


1090 Jake is a YouTuber who has more than 694k subscribers. He started his channel on May 2, 2019 and has already garnered over five million views in less than two years. The videos that he posts on his channel are based on his experiences as a convicted felon. He has talked about gang wars, mistreatment of staff, and the prison system. His raw and unfiltered storytelling style has drawn thousands of viewers.

While he has become a household name on YouTube, Jake has also been involved in numerous controversies. Among these are allegations of sexual assault and scamming. He was also caught illegally riding a motorized vehicle on a beach in Puerto Rico. However, his main YouTube channel still boasts a large following and is regularly updated.

Social media entrepreneur

Social media entrepreneur 1090 Jake has a net worth of more than six figures. He has a popular YouTube channel with over six hundred thousand subscribers, and has earned millions of dollars in advertising revenue. His videos have gained an immense following, and he also posts news about his life and family. Jake is still a young man, and despite his past, he doesn’t have any health issues.

His YouTube channel has over 694k subscribers and has been running for less than two years. He has been called a six-figure felon, and is estimated to earn between $450,000 and $1 million a year. However, the truth is that 1090 Jake has a complicated background, including multiple arrests and jail time. In fact, his criminal record includes a number of felonies that carry life sentences in Florida.


1090 Jake’s career has flourished since leaving his criminal past in the past. He now covers a wide range of criminal cases, from lesser known ones to those involving famous rap artists. His reputation is built on his knowledge and factual reports. He has a large following on his YouTube and Instagram channels. He has more than 102k followers on Instagram. His videos have received numerous views from both his followers and other social media users.

In addition to sharing his story, 1090 Jake uses his platform to highlight the stories of other criminals. He has covered criminal cases both local and national. Initially, he covered stories about life in prison. However, he developed a unique style that allowed him to cover crimes involving the hip hop community and major crimes throughout the United States. His videos have earned him more than a million views on YouTube and a healthy income.


The 1090 Jake net worth Investments are comprised of various real estate properties in various cities of the United States. His primary residence is a 14,000 square foot luxury home in California, which he bought for $11 million. He also owns a mansion in Florida and another villa in Los Angeles worth another $3 million. Apart from real estate, Jake Pavelka is also the owner of a large collection of luxury vehicles. His cars include a Lamborghini Huracan worth $750,000, a Porsche Panamera priced at $305,000, and a Rolls Royce Ghost worth $950,000. His luxury watch collection is also huge.

Jake Paul has an estimated net worth of $50 million. His earnings from his professional boxing career are said to have contributed $45 million to his net worth. He is also ranked as the second highest paid YouTubers in 2018. Clearly, he has an impressive amount of money to invest in stocks, real estate, and cryptos. He began his social media career with Vine and quickly made the transition to TikTok and Instagram. He later teamed up with a team from Morgan Stanley to invest in traditional stock investments.

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